Find yourself
at Daybreak

Transformative groups & intensives for men and women, individuals, and couples.

Daybreak began over a decade ago to help men and women, couples and individuals who are searching for deep healing. From just a few participants in a Brooklyn basement, to year-round programs on campus, Daybreak has transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Combining various methodologies by highly trained facilitators, participants explore their past, challenges and hopes. What has been hindering their lives and relationships are finally uncovered at Daybreak.

Unstuck at Daybreak

You’ve been doing it again and again. You want to stop. You want to change. But something keeps you back. Something keeps you sucked into this cycle. Discover the patterns that hold you back from becoming YOU.

Clear at Daybreak

You’re at war with yourself. Yes or No. Hundreds of “what-ifs” and “maybes” cloud your decision. You’re wondering, you’re searching, but answers elude you. Unravel the confusion to uncover what you really want.

Free at Daybreak

You’re carrying around a heavy burden for many years. Shame and fear, pain and hurt, blame and anger fill your heart and mind. Its time to free yourself of the burden you were never meant to carry.

The Lodge

Nestled in the hills of Rockland County Mountains, The Lodge at Daybreak is a sprawling campus surrounded by nature. Picturesque views and acres of wooded trails offer the perfect backdrop for connecting to oneself and creating a deeply memorable experience. The Daybreak House features comfortable sleeping accommodations and beautiful group rooms.

“What I’ve known all along, I finally understood to the depth of my soul.”

Women’s Intensive Participant Winter, 2021

Women Winter 2023 Intensive – February 2 thru 7

Men Winter 2023 Intensive – March 9 thru 14

Women Summer 2023 Intensive – July 20 thru 25

Men Summer 2023 Intensive РAugust 24 thru 29